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Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in Reviews | 0 comments

Extang Encore vs. G4 Elite Fold-a-Cover

The first thing you will notice between the Extang Encore and the G4 Elite Fold-a-Cover is the G4 Elite utilizes a 4-panel design; this means that when the cover is stacked behind the cab it allows for 75% of the truck bed to be used. The Encore’s 3-panel design only allows for 60% of the truck bed to haul items when full stacked behind the cab of the truck.

The opening mechanism of the covers is another key functionality difference. The G4 Elite’s flat-latch handle makes for easy, one handed opening without having to open the tailgate first. The Encore on the other hand uses a release cord system which means to open the cover you must first open the tailgate to gain access to the covers release cord.

Both the Encore and the G4 Elite have a rail system that is installed with the tonneau cover. The G4 Elite’s rail system manages water before it ever gets into the truck bed by utilizing its wind-seals. The Encore, however, has to manage water once it has already entered the truck bed; it does this by using a system of gutters and drain tubes. The gutter system runs from the cab of the truck along the bed rail, but does not go the entire way to the tailgate. This means that any water that penetrates the cover near the tailgate will end up in the truck bed. Even though the Encore has a rail system, the cover it still sits on the bed rails which allows abrasive materials to collect beneath the panels and will damage your trucks finish.

Each cover allows access to the front panel nearest the cab of the truck. The G4 Elite uses a flat-latch handle on both the front and real panel that can be opened with one hand along with a recessed locking mechanism that protects it from the elements. The Encore utilizes a rotary type latch. This requires two hands to open the cover and because the lock and latch mechanism sits above the cover, it invites moisture to penetrate the lock and has the potential to freeze in the winter months. This locking mechanism is only featured on the panel nearest the cab; this means that the cover is not completely secure unless your truck comes with a locking tailgate.

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