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Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in Reviews | 0 comments

Bakflip G2 vs. Fold-a-Cover G4 Elite

The first difference that can be noticed between these two tonneau covers is design of their opening mechanisms. The G4 Elite uses a flat-latch handle and opens independently without having to open the tailgate. The Bakflip, on the other hand, uses a release cord system. This means you cannot access the truck bed without first opening the tailgate. The Bakflip also has a release cord on each panel, meaning you must unlatch each panel to fully open the cover. The G4 Elite has an 8-point latching system for added security, yet can be fully opened by simply lifting the flat-latch handle.

The G4 Elite’s unique 4 panel design allows for 75% of the truck bed to be utilized when it is fully stacked up behind the cab. If needed, the G4 Elite can be easily removed with 4 bolts and reattached all without making any additional adjustments. The 3 panel design of the Bakflip only allows for 60% of the truck bed to safely be utilized. You can gain 90% of the truck bed with the Bakflip by folding up the last panel; however, this means there will be zero visibility through the rear window which can be a safety hazard.

Both the Bakflip and the G4 Elite have a rail system that is installed with the tonneau cover. Because the Bakflip rails sit inside the truck bed, it has to manage water once it has already entered the truck bed; it does this by using a system of gutters and drain tubes.  The G4 Elite’s rail system sits on top of the trucks bed rails allowing it to manage water before it ever gets into the truck bed by utilizing its wind-seals.

Security is another feature that sets these two tonneau covers apart. The G4 Elite has a keyed locking system and if the truck does not have a locking tailgate, it has the ability to secure the tailgate with a footmans loop so it cannot be opened unless the cover is opened first. The Bakflip has no locking mechanism and relies on the owner to have a locking tail gate for full security.

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