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Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in Reviews | 3 comments

BakFlip BakBox vs. Fold-a-Cover Personal Caddy

Both the BakBox and the Personal Caddy are toolboxes that integrate with their perspective hard folding tonneau covers. The BakBox is compatible with different Bakflip products and the Personal Caddy is compatible with the G4 Elite Fold-a-Cover. The three main differences between these toolboxes are the build quality, storage capacity, and security.

The BakBox needs to be assembled when it arrives and is secured using Velcro straps. It also comes with a plastic ‘pencil type’ tray for additional storage. The Personal Caddy is custom fit for each application and pre-assembled with a solid aluminum frame. The Personal Caddy also has an optional built in optional aluminum sliding tray for additional space to organize smaller items.

The storage capacity of the BakBox is just over 4 cubic feet. This makes it difficult to store larger items in it while still being able to close the tonneau cover. The Personal Caddy has a capacity up to 10.3 cubic feet depending on the truck make and model. This allows for larger items to be held such as golf clubs, tools, and groceries while still being able to fully close the cover.

The BakBox offers no form of security unless the tailgate is lockable. If the tailgate is open the BakBox is completely vulnerable and accessible. The Personal Caddy, on the other hand, sits below the Fold-a-Cover’s front panel giving it the ability to open and lock independently from the rest of the truck bed. You can have the rest of your truck bed unlocked and accessible while having the contents of the Personal Caddy Locked and secured.


  1. Will the Personal Caddy fit under the BakFlip cover?

  2. My 2014 f150 came with a LEER her folding cover . Could this personal caddy still work with my tonneau cover?

    • Unfortunately, the Personal Caddy only works together the Fold-a-Cover G4 Elite hard folding tonneau cover. The suspended design and security features are matched together with the cover.

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